The House In Conclusion

Overall, throughout our site visits, not only just this semester, but with my own site visits last semester, I have gained a significant amount of knowledge. Not only did I gain insight about abandoned buildings, how to get in them, and how to keep them secure, but I learned so much about a story: the […]

Preserving the Integrity of Abandoned Buildings

  Above: A wide open doorway and numerous open windows can lead to vandalism and destruction much like you see here Abandoned buildings are notoriously linked to crime, and vandalism. In recent years, with the advent of the internet, abandoned buildings are now even more prone to continued vandalism and destruction through unwanted trespassers and […]

History abounds inside abandoned buildings

History can be found anywhere – and everywhere. No more is this true when exploring abandoned buildings and structures. Our site visit this past week revealed a lovely home – once inhabited by a generation of family and memories – sitting completely abandoned, forgotten, and in disrepair. It was as if nobody cared about it […]

Individual Post #1

My first site visit with my group was scary. We went at night which made the experience even worse. We went to an abandon house behind Tuttleman owned by W G Warden. His house was messy and total chaos. There was stuff EVERYWHERE. There were books, paintings, tv’s, chairs and a lot of broken furniture. […]

Collaborative Conclusion

Together, as we went into the abandoned site, none of us knew what was in store. WE never thought we would get a story- but we did. The man who lived in this house was a hoarder, and lived in this house with no running water and a collapsed roof in the kitchen. We learned […]

Collaborative Post

Our intentions for this blog is to talk about the abandoned building it self. We want to inform our readers about the history of the buildings. We are going to discuss what happened in the buildings when they were at their peak. We’re going to talk about what the purpose of the building was. Who […]